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You need to know what's going on in your Data center room at all times. Unauthorized access, temperature and humidity fluctuations, smoke and leaks, airflow and vibrations are all critical factors that require you to be alerted through video detection, recording and environmental monitoring.
Safeguard your data with surveillance monitoring products Aline Technology Group has to offer. We have a broad range of surveillance solution products to suit your needs.


Northern Video

Northern is the security professional’s choice for video surveillance products. Whether you require recording devices, cameras, monitors or the accessories to put a system together, Northern can offer you state-of-the-art products with the latest technology. 



3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Dome Camera POE IP3D 


3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Dome Camera POE, 

Full HD 1080P, 2.8mm IR Lens, DWDR, 100’ IR, IP66

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3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Turret Camera POE IP3T 


3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Turret Camera POE,

Full HD 1080P, 2.8mm IR Lens, DWDR, 100’ IR, IP66

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3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Bullet Camera POE IP3VFB 


3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Bullet Camera POE,

Full HD 1080P, 2.8~12mm IR Lens, DWDR, 100’ IR, IP66

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3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor Varifocal IR Dome Camera IP3VFD 


3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor Varifocal IR Dome Camera POE, 

Full HD 1080P, 2.8~12mm IR Lens, DWDR, 65’ IR, IP66

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3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Wedge Camera POE IP3W 


3.0 Megapixel IP Outdoor IR Wedge Camera POE, 

Full HD 1080P, 2.8mm IR Lens, DWDR, 30’ IR, IP66

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NVRPOE Series 1080P NVRs


NVRPOE Series 1080P NVRs

NVR4POE 4-Channel 1080p NVR with 4Ch Built-in PoE
NVR8POE 8-Channel 1080p NVR with 8Ch Built-in PoE
NVR16POE 16-Channel 1080p NVR with 16Ch Built-in PoE

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Canon Features

Canon network cameras offer a suite of capabilities; real-time image adjustment, multi-streaming and sophisticated video analytics, to diligently process, monitor, record and flag potential security breaches.

Renowned Lens Technology
Canon’s network cameras benefit from fast, bright lenses and deliver clean sharp images with minimal distortion. High UD (Ultra Low-Dispersion) glass elements of high refractive index suppress the incidence of chromatic aberration prevalent in high-magnification lens units, minimising both barrel and pincushion distortion and providing natural-looking images with high edge-to-edge resolution across the zoom range. Should you need to supplement conditions with the use of infrared lighting, an IR correcting lens coating improves sensitivity, controls ghosting and flare and enhances the cameras' low-light performance. 


 Dome Cameras  

Dome Cameras

In environments where discretion is important, our Dome cameras provide the perfect solution. Compact and aesthetically pleasing, they offer outstanding image quality across a wide viewing angle - whether wall or ceiling mounted. Perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor environments.  

>>>The VB-H630VE Full HD fixed dome IP security camera<<<

>>>VB-S800D Compact Fixed Dome Network Video Camera<<<



PTZ Cameras


PTZ Cameras

With effortless control you can monitor expansive areas and follow subjects easily with our cameras’ Pan Tilt Zoom capabilities. Easy to set-up and with a wide field of view, these models are ideal for applications such as traffic management, city surveillance, and retail parks.

>>>VB-S30D Compact PTZ Network Video Camera<<< 



Box Cameras


Box Cameras

Built to fit a diversity of security applications, our Box cameras enjoy wide viewing angles and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Featuring optical and digital zoom, up to Full HD resolution, Intelligent Functions and Smart Shade Control.

>>>VB-M741LE & VB-M740E Network Camera<<<





Anixter’s network of highly trained security specialists is ready to help you make informed decisions about the vast product offerings available in today’s rapidly changing security marketplace.
Anixter has a broad product offering to fit your current and future security needs.


• Analog cameras                                                • Network cameras
• Camera lenses                                                  • Camera housings
• Video encoders                                                 • Illuminators
• Displays                                                          • Adapters
• Thermal cameras                                              • Consoles


• VMS (video management software)                      • Video content analytics
• Hybrid recorders                                               • Servers                     
• Storage                                                           • Workstations
• Client-viewing stations                                       • Asset tracking
• NVR (network video recorder)


• Perimeter detection controls                               • Controllers
• Credentials                                                      • Strikes, locks and request-to-exit (REX)
• Motion and perimeter detection                           • Readers
• Door-locking hardware                                       • Biometrics
• Public address systems                                      • Digital signage
• Speakers                                                         • Microphones
• Amplifiers                                                        • Emergency phones



Anixter ipAssuredSM: Defining Network Video Migration Anixter ipAssured: Defining Network Video Migration makes choosing the right products and infrastructure easier by pairing technologies to support current and future video surveillance applications for the best video migration strategy.
A technical specialist from Anixter’s Technology Solutions Group will assess your facility’s current system and future needs, and based on the data collected, Anixter provides you with a road map to migrate your video network to an IP-based solution. By discussing the latest products and technologies, Anixter will recommend the right solution so you can create a standards-based migration path to help you achieve your goals.
Anixter’s ipAssured: Defining Network Video Migration program is divided into three classifications:

Refined, which establishes an analog-to-network video migration path that protects legacy analog hardware and infrastructure investments while building a solid foundation for future technologies
Enhanced, which expands to network video technologies to begin a migration that optimizes your current network video platform for enhanced system performance
Advanced, which incorporates network video solutions with advanced feature sets to address specific application challenges that customers face in specific environments



• Life-cycle costs: Utilizes more cost-efficient infrastructures. Twisted-pair infrastructures are cost effective, well understood and easy to manage.
• Network convergence: Only one type of network (IP) supports the enterprise for data, video and voice applications, making management more efficient and cost effective.
• Systems integration: IP video surveillance technology provides an open platform for integrating with other security systems such as access control.
• Scalability: IP video surveillance scales from one camera to thousands.
• Remote accessibility: Any video stream, live or recorded, can be accessed and controlled from any location in the world over wired or wireless network connections.
• Intelligence at camera level: Motion detection, event handling, sensor input, relay output, time and date, and other built-in capabilities, such as local file storage, allow the camera to make intelligent decisions (e.g., when to send alarms, when to send video, what frame rate to use).




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